Fran and Glenn – Client

From our very first meeting with Shaun Clancy, we knew that he was the right person to build our home.

It was a difficult build, due to the size of our block and the complexity of the design, however Shaun and his team at Clancy were by our side every step of the way – liaising with our architect to resolve any issues and making sure that the best outcome was achieved for all concerned.

Our Site Manager, Chris, “the problem solver” did an amazing job coordinating all the Clancy team, making sure that it all ran smoothly with minimal delays and ensuring that our home was completed on time. Their attention to detail from start to finish is something that they need to be proud of and believe me we are fussy!!

The entire Clancy team treated our home as if they were building it for themselves – such an amazing feeling as a client!
We will always appreciate Shaun and the Clancy team’s willingness and understanding to navigate the challenges of building our beautiful home and we are absolutely thrilled with the result!

Amy – Client

Clancy Construction recently completed the renovation of our home. From the initial meeting through to completion we have been extremely happy with Shaun and his team at Clancy Constructions. The work was completed on time and budget. A few things that we felt set the Clancy team apart from other builders included…..

  • Excellent attention to patiently and thoughtfully conducting value management on our construction prior to the build. The suggestions of areas of cost saving were sensibly presented – a prelude to the high quality of communication that was omnipresent through the construction.
  • The use of the ‘Buildertrend’ app was excellent. This SmartPhone app allows brief updates and photos of daily activity, plans and co-ordination of the construction between clients, architects, ‘back office’ and the site. This clear communication greatly reduced our need to be involved in decision making or planning.
  • Professional, punctual, reliable, polite and knowledgeable staff. We were also impressed with the balance the staff struck between thoughtful suggestions and doing as instructed. Our site manager, Stuart, was outstanding.
  • At all times, a clean, safe and organised work-site.
  • Excellent trades and sub-contractors.
  • Genuine honesty and frankness.
  • Timely follow-up of the inevitable niggles and issues in the Defects period.
  • This was a large construction. It was completed on time (if anything, early), and to budget. Too often one hears of ‘disaster stories’ in building construction. This certainly was not our experience and thus we continue to recommend Clancy Constructions to friends.

Kim – Client

Clancy Construction recently completed the renovation of our home. From the initial meeting through to completion we have been extremely happy with Shaun and his team at Clancy Constructions. The work was completed on time and budget. A few things that we felt set the Clancy team apart from other builders included…..

  • Shaun met with us to go through our design and to enable us to meet our project objectives within the budget that we had before we had signed our contract
  • Clancy’s have their own carpenters meaning they have someone on site most of the time
  • The site was always kept in a very tidy condition
  • All of the Clancy team and tradesmen that they used delivered work that was of a very high quality and were also friendly, approachable and more than happy to answer any questions
  • Clancy’s use a workflow app which enables easy communication and allowed us to see photos of the build as it progressed
  • Clancy’s use office based staff as a central point of communication
  • The team always thought about what would give us the best outcome for our house rather than what was easiest often making suggestions that improved the outcome
  • Clancy’s were more than happy to address minor issues that we identified both through the project and at completion.

On time, to scope, to budget, we couldn’t have asked for any better and would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again in the future.

Alison Dodds – Architect

We were introduced to Clancy Constructions, as a new builder not previously known to our firm, via a friend of our client. On that basis, we did our due diligence to satisfy ourselves that they would be a reliable and good builder, in terms of all aspects of work, for our client.

After 9 months of working with them we have been positively impressed by the way they work and the good working relationship that has resulted. Clancy constructions work collaboratively with us on problem solving as Shaun and his team have great transparency and communication skills whether it is with their administration or on site carpenters.

Having an in-house carpentry team means that we have one permanent site foreman who is fully apprised of all activity on site giving us and our client peace of mind. They also work with the very best suppliers and have a lot of industry contacts.

We have also been very impressed with the software they use. This software is always updated with the latest Drawings, Specifications, Photographs and Progression of the build which is particularly helpful for our client who currently lives overseas.

Mike – Client

Our decision to engage Shaun and his very professional team to undertake a substantial renovation of our family home was a very good one. It is an absolute pleasure to get home each day to enjoy a home that exudes the quality of workmanship that Clancy Constructions take great pride in delivering.

During the build, we found the Clancy Constructions team to be friendly, engaging and customer focussed. For me, most comforting and pleasing, was the constant progress on the very tidy site. When key decisions had to made, we really appreciated the pragmatic and well considered options that Shaun and his team put forward.

If in future we undertake another building project, we will not hesitate to engage the Clancy Construction team again. We would not hesitate to recommend Shaun and his team to anyone considering undertaking their own project.

Sharon – Client

As we settle into our beautifully renovated home, I thought it appropriate to write a review on your amazing work. Clancy Constructions consistently exceeded our expectations throughout the project with their ability to meet deadlines and timelines, attention to detail, solutions, focus, communication, responsiveness and patience with our project.

It was a very considered and well research decision to renovate our home and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We had heard so many negative stories about friends and family’s experience with renovating … so we made the decision with our eyes wide opened and post an extensive process of speaking to 5 recommended builders … it was abundantly obvious who our “preferred” builder would be. Clancy Constructions professionalism, communication, infrastructure, systems and resources were super impressive and head and shoulders above all the others we had considered. We also found their honesty, integrity and humility were second to none.

We are so grateful to the fabulous Clancy Constructions team for their support, responsiveness, care and interest in delivering to us way more than we had imagined. The fact that we took handover six weeks ahead of the original schedule was the absolute icing on the cake.

Our experience with Clancy Constructions was outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of the workmanship and finish on our home and I have recommended Clancy Constructions to many of my family and friends with absolute confidence.

Peter & Natalie – Client

We interviewed no less than five builders before deciding to choose Clancy Constructions to complete the renovation of our home.

This process took several years and involved a lot of thought and energy. Our ultimate decision was based more on the qualitative and personal attributes of Shaun and his team rather than price. Good communication, patience and attention to detail were important to us. Clancy Constructions displayed all these attributes throughout the contract stage and were able to recommend practical solutions to issues whilst being mindful of our budget. This provided great peace of mind.

Early in the construction I can remember Shaun saying: ‘remember we do this as a team’. This was the perfect message at a time when we were trying to manage living in a partly demolished house with three children and a dog in the middle of winter. Working as team was one of the key reasons why our project was a success. Not only was the relationship between builder and client perfectly managed, the high-quality workmanship, punctuality and courtesy shown by the Clancy team was second to none.

The end result was exactly what we hoped for. A job very well done. Congratulations and thank you.

Bill & Umm – Client

We have recently moved into our new home which was built by Clancy Constructions. It is a large 3 level architect designed home with several complex areas built on a sloping site.

Clancy Constructions rose to all the challenges and delivered a high quality project on time and on budget. The building process was relatively stress free due to good communication at the quoting stage and throughout construction. Everything was upfront with no hidden costs or surprises along the way. Their attention to detail was excellent, going the extra mile to ensure that we were happy with the end product.

We were impressed with the professionalism of the entire team including their subcontractors. Several design issues arose which were pro-actively resolved by Clancy in a timely manner with a minimum of fuss. The team professionally delivered the architectural design which included a basement built in rock, complex façade, contemporary feature stair, large void to the living area and a high quality kitchen.

The team are easy to work with and trustworthy. I would highly recommend them to any prospective client. If we were to build again I would certainly be using Clancy Constructions.